Tuesday, September 13, 2011

INFERNÖH-"Demo" Tape 2011

INFERNÖH-"Demo" Tape 2011
Released as a cassette on Distort the World (Sweden), and Atomic Age (Australia), this tape showcases the bands strength at creating memorable riffs of Cacophonous Scandinavian raw punk. With members of SKIT KIDS, FY FAN, HERATYS, and SKIPLICKERS, you should get an idea of what this band is about. Don't go getting too ahead of yourself though because this band is a different kind of animal. Check it out. Great first output. 


Monday, September 5, 2011

Amebix Interview for MRR #316

It is 5pm in San Francisco as I wade my way through the TL with a bottle of Jamison in one hand and a tape recorder in the other on my way to interview the legendary Amebix. To say the least I’m nervous. Their lyrics, artwork, and primal sound have sent chills through my spine so many numerous times it is incalculable. After soundcheck we make our way to the green room below the club. This is my third night with them on tour and although I have become quite comfortable with them as people, I’m racking my brain for the right questions. The questions where written in such a rush I am second guessing myself. Roy is still soundchecking so we decide to get underway without him. The show is sold out so tons of people are filtering through and yet I somehow manage to get an hour of them on tape although a lot of it is unintelligible. Here is what we salvaged…

Interview conducted by: Will Kinser

MRR: How is it for Amebix to have reformed with a lot of these kids have grown up listening to you guys who’ve never even imagined what it was like to see you play live?

Rob: Like for us, seein’ Black Sabbath with Iommi and Geezer Butler…

MRR: Amebix is a band with a very distinct sound. You’ve mentioned in other interviews that you’re not really happy with some of the recording qualities? I’m of the opinion that recording quality or lack thereof helped define the band and only added to your cult status. What were some of the problems you had with each record?

.....The rest of the interview Here