Tuesday, May 31, 2011

THE ENERGY-"The Energy's first Album" LP

THE ENERGY- "The Energy's first Album" LP 
THE ENERGY from Houston Texas have one of the freshest punk sounds that I have heard in a really long while. This record has been on constant play for me in the past 4 months and I felt like I have to share it. They mix elements of KBD punk with old school hardcore ala 80's LA scene and also throw in a good measure of psyche to make things interesting. Don't let that description fool you though this is dark stuff as well. The vocals are sung like a storyline and are some of the catchiest I've heard in a long time. I give this record a 10 or 10 rating for the fact that it is flawlessly executed and sounds nothing like any other bands playing these days. If more bands would show this kind of  originality and inventiveness the punk scene would be a whole lot better. Supposedly this record is limited to 300 copies, I didn't have much trouble finding it but I think in the coming months it will be increasingly harder to find.

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Wild Thing said...

I'm very curious with your description and I'm giving it an hear as soon as possible!

Lobotomized said...

great record, as we speak there's a second energy lp out.

btw i like your blog a lot. i linked cold war to teenage lobotomy.;)


Lobotomized said...

oh, and here's the link for TL. you might be into it.

contact: said...

Hey Will, new Energy record is called Get Split. You can stream the entire record here:



Lobotomized said...

The post above is from me. I accidently posted from the wrong account. :)


New Dark Age said...

thanks !

Aaron Danger said...

Order the NEW energy LP at TeamScienceRecords.com

New Dark Age said...

Already got it.