Monday, July 2, 2012

SUBTONIX-"Tarantism" LP

SUBTONIX-"Tarantism" LP

In my opinion this is the most essential Deathrock record from SF bay from the late 90's. These ladies had speed and dance-ability in a genre that sometimes lacks forward motion in exchange for atmosphere. I know Jesse went on to form another great band THE VANISHING, but never have managed to hear much about what the others went on to do. If you know feel free to enlighten us.

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crimen said...

really nice one will! hope your doing good my friend =)

Mendi Dakic said...

Just wanted to thank you for uploading all these records. I own a lot of them, but having them in digital form rocks. No more ruining records with tomato sauce because I had to flip the record while cooking. You rock!