Wednesday, February 17, 2010

San Francisco Bay area show 4.3.10

One of the bands didn't like the first version of the flyer so I made another one. Besides the date is wrong on the first one.
Flyer 2-Photos: Mateus Mondini, Will Kinser
Flyer 1-Photo: Mateus Mondini

Layout: Will Kinser

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On the Darker side of the spectrum

SIEKIERA-"Nowa Aleksandria" LP (Tonpress KAW)
This is one of the best post punk records ever. SIEKIERA came from Poland and had a very cold war era sound. A lot of bands progressed away from punkrock into utter crap but there are some which nailed a new sound and created something classic.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

HERÄTYS-'s/t' 12" & demo

HERÄTYS-'s/t' 12" & demo
Your new favorite band. Following in the tradition of Scandi hardcore bands like NO SECURITY and TOTALITAR.

s/t 12"

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Skitkids-Live in Stockholm


Skitkids, Stockholm Sweden
This show was in the hull of a boat. The lineup was amazing and of course Skitkids delivered the goods once again. I won't deny that it was a party and I was really lucky to snap this picture of Love bleeding from his mouth. We had a great time on the road with them. Can't wait to go again.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Best records from 2000-2010....more on the way.

SKITKIDS-"Onna For Pleasure" LP (Kick n' Punch/Not Enough Records)
Scandinavian hardcore at its very finest. The guitar work on this and every other release of theirs is phenomenal. This record stands above all else in pure adrenalin fueled scathing hardcore. Not since DEATHSIDE's "Bet on The Possibility" LP have I heard such a manic record. Great cover art too...haha.

INEPSY-"Rock n' Roll Babylon" LP (Feral Ward)
Mix Motorhead/Hellammer with Discharge and G.B.H. and do I really need to say more? This record reminds me of good times with these guys and a lot of hilarious situations and stories from tours with them.

TYRADES-"s/t" LP (Broken ReKids)
This band from Chicago was the embodiment of punk. The songs are short, fast, and rough. The vocals are delivered with an air of frustration and total disillusionment. I like this record because I can play it in front of any straight person and they think it is noise and don't get it at all.That is the formula which made the classic bands shock people. Few other records have done that in the past decade.

TRAGEDY-"s/t" LP (Tragedy Records)
This record is perfect from start to finish, a total bulldozer of a recording. This sets a standard that no one else could get close to although many tried to replicate this sound. For better or worse TRAGEDY changed the sound of Punk/Crust with this groundbreaking record. All of their records are really good but this is perhaps the most varied and therefore my favorite. Although I can't name one band that play the same style of melodic crust that I like, I continue to listen to TRAGEDY possibly because they still have the punk fire mixed in with their own unique style. Millineum crust at it's finest. 

PESD-"Politikarepoizonekurvae" LP (Prank Records)
Yea just try to pronounce the title of this record in English, I dare you. The guitarist from Post Regiment started a one man (playing all the instruments) band with the singer of Tragedia and it sounds like a mix of classic Polish punk and Killing Joke. This record is good on so many levels. I highly urge people to check it out if they haven't by now.

TOTALITAR-"Vi Ar Eliten" LP (Prank Records)
What can I say? Not many bands can combine the raw fury of Discharge and the hardcore speed and diverity of bands like Minor Threat and Jerry's Kids. Living legends.


NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS-"s/t" LP (Kick n' Punch Records)
Every single song this band released is outstanding. I can't think of any band who has written such great timeless music in a long while. Here is their entire discography.

THE OBSERVERS-"So What's Left Now" LP (Deranged)
THE OBSERVERS where a great band all around. They had amazing personal lyrics, old school punk style whilst still remaining fresh and ground breaking. This LP is as near to perfect as it gets. If you like THE OBSERVERS then check out Doug's new band THE RED DONS. They are equally as good but may not have recorded as good a record so far. That being said I have heard the new recordings and I'm sure the upcoming record will make the list for 2010-2020 if we make it that long.

DEATHREAT-"The Severing of the Last Barred Window" LP 
(Parners in Crime Records)
This just makes the cut as it was recorded in the 90's but not released until 2000. Truly one of the best records. Members are all solid musicians and actually seem to add something to the genre with awesome lyrics and riffs which are raw and catchy. 

This is the CD version available for download here with bonus tracks from the EP's which proceeded this LP.

PELIGRO SOCIAL -"No Religion" LP (No Options Records)
SF's PELIGRO SOCIAL may have been a short lived band, but they made their mark in a very big way and will be remembered. I had the distinct honor of helping release this LP and it will always remind me of great friends and amazing shows. Check out the new bands by these guys. 

Best Non-Punk records

KILLING JOKE-"Hosannas from the Basement of Hell" LP (Cooking Vinyl)
Absolutely brilliant. I can't believe that this band is still making great music after all these years, and they are still evolving as a band.

THE VANISHING-"In the Bat Haus" EP
This band perfectly taps into the early Death Rock style without being  retro or cheesy. It most likely has to do with the fact that they weren't goths just weirdos making dark music. This is their debut record.

DAN SARTAIN- "Dan Sartain Vs. The Serpientes" LP (One Little Indian)
I like this record because it apeals to more than one different style. Someone special recommended this to me and although I hadn't heard of DAN SARTAIN before, I was surprised by how fast it grew on me.

This band is super retro, certainly the best sound since Iggy Pop and Johnny Thunders. This record could have been recorded in the same studio as far as I'm concerned. This is mainly due to the fact that their guitarist singer Shay Rocker recorded this record with attention to every detail. Shay and Chris B where childhood friends and we certainly had some crazy times together. I'm very proud of them for pulling off such a great record. Definitely a lost gem. Listen to "Sad City" its the heart and soul of this album.

Rudimentary Peni-Death Church

Quite Possibly one of the best recordings ever put to vinyl. Any self respecting punker should own this masterpiece, if not for the music then for the art alone. Still an all time favorite after 17 years.

RP-Death Church

Climbing the Walls

This picture was taken in Venice, Italy. Goran, Padde, and I went there to visit some friends and relax for a bit. We stayed in Bologna most of the time. However, we did venture out to Venice as well as some other towns to take some pictures. These 3 frames are the sort of spontaneous kind of shots I feel make up the core of my work in photography. click on the image to see a larger version