Friday, January 27, 2012

Top Ten of 2011 as seen in MRR no. 345

BRAINOIL - “Death in this Dry Season” LP (20 Buck Spin)
It’s been a long wait for these guys to release a new record and this one is full of all sorts of energy, as well as some of the heaviest riffs you will ever hear in underground punk. I’m totally floored by the sheer power of this record. listen

WARSONG-”Ancient Times” LP (The Pression)

Really catchy melodic punk rock from Zaragoza Spain. These guys have been pretty busy in past bands, but in my opinion this is more varied musically than any of their previous bands, and therefore more notable than any of their past efforts. This record is really solid all the way through in the same way that bands like NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS, or PELIGRO SOCIAL, have managed to be. listen

BELGRADO-”s/t” LP (Static Shock)

This is the quintessential death rock record made by punks in the 2000’s. It has tons of hooks that are reminiscent of all the 80’s favorites, but has enough energy and musical ability to come away sounding fresh and super danceable, and heartfelt. listen

SMART COPS-”Per Proteggere E 
Sevile” LP (Sorry State)

This band is so blatantly overlooked it should be criminal. This record is probably one of the best hardcore records in years. Totally saturated in garage-style hooks but with enough speed and energy to remain totally modern and powerful. listen

RIPPER-”Into Oblivion” LP (Black Water)

This is the best marriage of punk and metallic rock n’roll since INEPSY. The hooks fill every nook and cranny that hasn’t been taken by the pummeling rhythm section. listen

NO PROBLEM -”And Now This” LP (Deranged)

This record has to be up there with GOVERNMENT WARNING “No Moderation” and “Arrested”, and a slew of records by CAREER SUICIDE, as the top of the game hardcore bands going these days. NO PROBLEM play flawless hardcore that doesn’t sound like any other band and is easily recognizable.

DEATH TOKEN-”All Dreams are Nightmares” LP (Adult Crash)

This record has been in the works for a long time. Well, it was worth the wait. The sounds of this record harken back to those of thrash bands like B.G.K. and VENOM, while mixing in some great mid tempo rage-rs in the haunting style of RUDIMENTARY PENI. Need I say more?

HARDA TIDER-”Gatan Kallar” LP (Instigate)

This is the best Hardcore band since CRO MAGS! See them live anywhere in Sweden and you will become a believer. The record just pummels the listener the entire way through. Scathing Scandi style riffs with brutal breakdowns and gang vocals. Don’t think this is a tough guy macho hardcore band though. This is as underground as it gets. You will find the band members at every DIY show in the Malmo area. listen

UNLEARN-”s/t” LP (Deranged)

This record is everything you want from a apocalyptic punk record. Screaming vocals about antisocial behavior and a world without a future. All the while accompanied by searing raw guitars and charging drums. sample

GOVERNMENT FLU-”Are You Sorry Now” LP (Nikt Nic Nie Wie)

This record reminds me that talented kids still get together and make hardcore music which won’t stay trapped in easy definitions of what a 80’s style hardcore band should sound like. The LP is recorded with the perfect amount of ferocity and perfection. It’s a shame so many people will overlook this band because they aren’t from a big city where there are tons of great bands releasing records all the time. Check this out.

PELIGRO!-”s/t” LP 

This is the closest a band has come to playing ANNIHILATION TIME style hardcore with rock n’roll riffage that doesn’t rip every single element of theirs off. PELIGRO! keep a firm foot planted in their Spanish hardcore roots, but with tons of BLACK SABBATH and MOTORHEAD guitar noodling. The songs are energetic and filled with passion. Really great! listen

EP’s & Demos:

CULO-”Life is Vile...So are We” EP (Deranged)
LOS MONJO/RULETA RUSA-”Split” EP (Solo Para Punks)
NIGHT FEVER- “Transparent” EP (No Way)
FY FAN-”Ingen Framtid for Alltid” EP (No Way)
TERRIBLE FEELINGS-”Impending Doom” EP (Sabotage)
THE WAR GOES ON-”Demo”-Cassette (self released)
CAREER SUICIDE-”Cherry Beach” EP (Dirtnap)
INFERNOH-”Demo” Cassette (self released)
DOPECHARGE-”Kill Cops Dead” EP (Roehrs Records)
BLANK PAGES- “Unseen” EP (Taken By Surprise)

Re-Issues & Bootlegs:

LA PESTE-”Better Off Dead” EP
THE STIFFS-Innocent Bystander” EP
THE FEELIES-”Crazy Rhythms” LP
BASTARD-”Controlled In the Frame” EP
DEATHSIDE-”Bet On the Possibility” LP
T.N.T.-”Manifesto Guernica” LP
ETAE-”All Possibilities Will Come” LP
AXEGRINDER-”Grind the Enemy” LP
VOID-”Sessions 1981-83” LP

Live Bands:

PELIGRO! (Spain)
LOS MONJO (Mexico)
OUT ON A LIMB (Germany)