Tuesday, December 20, 2011

No More Art -"Peripeteia b/w Evil Eyes" EP

No More Art -"Peripeteia b/w Evil Eyes" EP
This is my new band from Hamburg. This is a description from Erste Theke who released this plate:
No More Art is comprised of people from rather dissimilar backgrounds in music, but the elements are easy enough to lay out. There are the surf-drenched guitars, the complementary female vocals, and the rock ‘n’ roll frenzy of X (Los Angeles), some of what has been brewing in Denmark and Sweden over the last decades with bands like MASSHYSTERI / VICIOUS, and NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS, but also with lots of melody and leads that is reminiscent of 80's LA bands like SOCIAL DISTORTION and ADOLESCENTS, but with a unique sound of their own as well. Lead singer Milo has been paying her dues for some years now as a singer song writer in her own solo project ROSIE TIE. Drummer Juan Miguel has been busy on the heavier side of music, playing guitar in bands like LOS DOLARES, ETACARINAE, and PELIGRO!, in Barcelona over the past decade. Will has also done time in many bands over the past decade with groups BORN/DEAD, DESOLATION, SUICIDE BOMB, DOPECHARGE, and most recently Portland's RED DONS. Recorded by Dennis Rux at Yeah Yeah Yeah Studios and mastered by RED DONS Hajji Husayn in a 80s sound that made you KBD fans out there forget the modern world. Enjoy the first No More Art songs! 

Download Here

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

No More Art -"Demos Vol.1" cassette tape

No More Art is my new band in Hamburg Germany. This is our first demo after playing for a very short while together. It was recorded in HH at Yeah Yeah Yeah Studios with Dennis Rux and mastered by Hajji Husayn of Red Dons. We tried to go for a warm sound that you can hear every instrument, the end result is pretty good I think.This tape is available through Kink Records here in Europe.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Column for Ox Fanzine #98

Continuing where I left off last time with values. I want to talk about activism and divisions within the punk scene. This is a difficult topic because everyone has different opinions of what kind of activism works. Some people also have differences on the exact definition of activism. For this column I’m going to broadly define activism as anything from setting up a show, releasing records, making a zine, along the more traditional efforts like organizing protests, distributing propaganda, or organizing within your district.

What is the end goal of activism? I think it should be to change something in this world for the better. We can debate all we want which tactics work, there are so many ways to confront different issues. I would say that non-violent actions are usually the most powerful.  I also sometimes ask myself where to put my energy because no one person can take on every issue in this miserable world.

On the topic of larger issues that confront political change, or the reform of laws, ect, I will admit that punk has been pretty ineffective as a movement. In a larger sense though it can help. What I mean is that if you show regular people that even though you look different and live different that you have morals and standards that are important to you and strong, then you can effect their views and eventually their politics. Sure not everyone is gonna be accepting and open minded but those people have kids that might think differently someday. When punks segregate themselves from everyone else in society they will remain ineffective activists.

When I go out here, I usually see a lot of people talking together with other people who have the same dress code. Spiky punks together, Crusties together, Hipster punks all with their own kind. I like hanging around with people not involved in a particular subculture sometimes, and when I go out with those people I feel like punks in the scene here will ignore them if they don’t have the look. I don’t hang out with lame, shallow, conservative minded people, so I assume that the reason that they don’t care about these people, my friends, is because they haven’t adopted the dress code. This comes back to what I was saying earlier which is that you will never change anything if you can’t even accept people who are different than you, it’s a form of reverse discrimination. Popular struggle is the only way to change government and last I looked punks aren’t exactly a large portion of the population.

It has been said to me that many Europeans look at Americans as unpolitical and by in large uneducated about the world. This may be true in a lot of cases but remember that America has 307 million people, and Germany a bit less than 81 million. This means that Americans have 74.2% more ignorant people representing us. I’m sure most Germans wouldn’t want the average Bavarian representing them on political issues. Sure Europeans have a firm grasp on politics but I also see the populations as being somewhat introverted when it comes to world politics. People care about things which affect Germany but a lot of issues are bigger than just one country and I see a lot of focus going into directions I feel are a bit less important than major events that are effecting the whole planet.

Punk is about counter-culture and should remain so. Everyone knows that the mainstream has subverted the style, but they can’t subvert the politics which make people punks inside which is what is important no matter which sub-genre you like most. The best way to remain a threat to society is to put aside the differences between people and use the common goals as a basis for activism and change. People will have alternate views of what works,  and which issues are most important to them, but if we put aside petty differences than we make a bigger group of opposition.

Here we stand with a passion for life, a world without hate, no violence no strife, see all there is to see, hear all there is to hear, know all there is to know, feel all there is to feel, a world without war where we can be free, our future, our earth begins with you and me, a search for life in this dirty world, a cry of pain and anguish for love. -Crucifix “Search for the Sun”

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

INFERNÖH-"Demo" Tape 2011

INFERNÖH-"Demo" Tape 2011
Released as a cassette on Distort the World (Sweden), and Atomic Age (Australia), this tape showcases the bands strength at creating memorable riffs of Cacophonous Scandinavian raw punk. With members of SKIT KIDS, FY FAN, HERATYS, and SKIPLICKERS, you should get an idea of what this band is about. Don't go getting too ahead of yourself though because this band is a different kind of animal. Check it out. Great first output. 


Monday, September 5, 2011

Amebix Interview for MRR #316

It is 5pm in San Francisco as I wade my way through the TL with a bottle of Jamison in one hand and a tape recorder in the other on my way to interview the legendary Amebix. To say the least I’m nervous. Their lyrics, artwork, and primal sound have sent chills through my spine so many numerous times it is incalculable. After soundcheck we make our way to the green room below the club. This is my third night with them on tour and although I have become quite comfortable with them as people, I’m racking my brain for the right questions. The questions where written in such a rush I am second guessing myself. Roy is still soundchecking so we decide to get underway without him. The show is sold out so tons of people are filtering through and yet I somehow manage to get an hour of them on tape although a lot of it is unintelligible. Here is what we salvaged…

Interview conducted by: Will Kinser

MRR: How is it for Amebix to have reformed with a lot of these kids have grown up listening to you guys who’ve never even imagined what it was like to see you play live?

Rob: Like for us, seein’ Black Sabbath with Iommi and Geezer Butler…

MRR: Amebix is a band with a very distinct sound. You’ve mentioned in other interviews that you’re not really happy with some of the recording qualities? I’m of the opinion that recording quality or lack thereof helped define the band and only added to your cult status. What were some of the problems you had with each record?

.....The rest of the interview Here

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Column in Ox Fanzine #97

This is my first column in OX. It is just a jumping off point but at least I have started to try to articulate my thought here.

I would like to start this column off by quickly introducing myself. I am 30 years old and I have been involved with the punk scene for over 16 years. I’m a native of California, but recently moved to Hamburg Germany. I have played in many bands, toured around the world, booked tours, hosted people from all over the map, distributed records, distributed books for AK press, write columns, interviews, and reviews for MRR, and most recently started a new record label in Germany called New Dark Age. I also ran a DIY label and Distro called No Options Records for the past 10 years that in theory still exists. The subject of this column will be about the differences between Deutschland and my home country the United States of America, but hopefully it can also shed some light on our similarities, as well as serve as a diary of my thoughts here. So what are the differences? In short, Everything. That is not necessarily a bad thing though. Where do I start I wonder?

There is something that has been bothering me since moving here that is sort of a hard subject to tackle and that is the lack of new people, mainly young people, that are involved in the inner workings of the scene. This is of course my perspective in the North and does not cover all of Germany, or Europe, but from what I’ve seen it applies to a lot of places. The fundamentals of punk rock are supposed to be based on individualism, activism, and cooperation, along with a whole slough of other ideals, but lets just concentrate on individualism for now.

Individualism is an interesting topic because the longer I live here the more that I realize there seems to be no such thing in the punk scene. It never ceases to amaze me when I hear people saying that they don’t like someone because of their views on some political topic, or who they hang out with, or worst reason ever, the way they dress, or  even where they choose to hang out. Since when did politics in punk become so hardline that people can’t have their own opinions and outlook, much less style. It seems that all the different opinions have now been boiled down to one viewpoint and if you don’t share that viewpoint then you won’t fit in with whichever stereotypical punk sub-genre you may want to be part of. I don’t mean things like racism, sexism, or homophobia. I’m talking about world politics, personal politics, or even just morality issues! I would like to hear people discussing unpopular views without being ostracized or put down, and without having there opinions belittled. I still remember when punks were provocative and real, and people would argue over a topic and then still hang out afterwards.

I’m very aware that the DIY movement here is based on people trying to live outside of societal norms, but I also have become increasingly aware that if those so-called abnormalities don’t fit into a preset code of views and style then people are not made welcome in many cases. I have always considered myself a free thinking person from the time I was very young which is what drew me to punk in the first place. When people are really rigid and unwilling to see an alternate view I feel stifled and unchallenged. I feel that the scene here has become very dogmatic and to a lesser extent closed to the outside. The lack of individualism makes people unwilling to respect people who are younger and may not have all the informed opinions that the older generation thinks they posses.

Let me give you some examples. If a kid walks into a well established DIY space here dressed in a Rancid t-shirt and baggy pants do you think they will be treated with respect and welcomed in by the older generation? Would they be ignored entirely? Most likely ignored. Do you think kids which have been around a lot longer in the scene and have adopted the uniform will be asked to join in at meetings, working at a show, or doing the bar at a squat or club? From my experience these places have a sort of old guard mentality to them. If you weren’t there in the beginning then you don’t matter as much. This is a huge difference in the United States where people are needed because of their youth and energy and DIY spaces are fleeting which means more people are welcome to help and contribute. The hard facts are also that these new people bring vibrance and life to an otherwise boring old jaded scene. I don’t see anyone dancing at shows and having fun. Is it because they are all too busy worrying what everyone thinks? Maybe they have become exactly what they hated in the first place? Leftist with rules and regulations that mirror conservative social values. To me it is not enough to just espouse slogans that preach the ideals that you believe, they need to be lived and grow with each person .

This all ties into individuality in a way that some people don’t think about anymore it seems, because punk has become an institution, and that is the fact that we where all young once and no one was born cool. Individuality is the most important part of the punk scene but to be an individual you have to think for yourself. Whether it is world politics, human relations, or punk rock. I would like to see people looking at the world through other peoples perspectives more the world over. When you actually want to change something in society you must first respect the people that have opposing views. This means a working class struggle. I would like to see more youth in the scene here involved in doing stuff, feeling welcome to participate, and making things interesting. So next time you are putting up posters for the next gig be sure to hit the schools. New people in the scene makes it exciting and interesting.

“The Future of the world is up to us, but the older generation will only fuck it up. The problem is they just can’t see what us little kids wanna be.  We’re making room for youth. Let’s make some room for youth!” -Making Room for Youth, Social Unrest 1981

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Thurs - September 1st - Bordeaux
Fri - September 2nd - Paris - ????
Sat - September 3rd - Nancy
Sun - September 4th - Mannheim 
Mon - September 5th - mülheim - ????
Tues - September 6th - Munster 
Wed - September 7th - Flensburg
Thurs -September 8th - copenhagen
Fri - September 9th - Malmo -????
Sat - September 10th - Hamburg
Sun - September 11th - Berlin
Mon - September 12th - Leipzig
Tues - September 13th - Munich
Wed - September 14th - Freiburg -????
Thurs - September 15th - St. Etienne
Fri - September 16th - Barcelona

These are the dates for the LOS MONJO tour. The dates with question marks are still open so if you or anyone you know in these areas would like to book them (doesn't have to be exact city listed) please contact borndeadpunx@gmail.com LOS MONJO are a great band rom Guadalajara Mexico. I released an EP for them some years back and they remain one of my favorite current bands live and recorded.

LOS MONJO-"Cobardes" EP (No Options Records)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

PELIGRO!-"s/t" LP (Discos Enfermos Records)

This is a new band from members of HORROR, LOS DOLARES, ETACARINAE, PRIMATES, but brings a fresh sound not heard from any of their previous bands. The music is a heavy dose of BLACK SABBATH mixed with MOTORHEAD, and ANNIHILATION TIME comes to mind as well, but the real treat is that they keep it hardcore with the drive that many heavier bands can't keep up. I really liked these guys live and this record is testament to their skills. I first heard this 5% faster than the LP was recorded at, and I must say I really liked that speed too.

the record w/ art & insert

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Top Ten of 2010 as seen in MRR no. 334

Here is a list of my favorite Long Players from 2010. Quite a few have already been featured on this blog so I will keep my opinions short.

THE ESTRANGED-"Subliminal Man" LP

Perfect post punk.


Elements of Joy Division and Sisters of Mercy.

YOUNG OFFENDERS-"Leaders of the Followers" LP

Perfect power pop which stands up to the 70's originals.
RED DONS-"Fake Meets Failure" LP

Wish I was in the band for this recording.


Glad to have seen this band so many times.


Unique style, great record


4 years in the making and worth the wait.

KNUSTE RUTER-"Gjennom Veggene" LP

Not the best cover but great record.

DOUBLE NEGATIVE-"Daydream Nation" LP

Hardcore with the venom and cut of Poison Idea.

EL BANDA-"Skutki Uboczne" 2xLP

Way too long but really great.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

THE ENERGY-"The Energy's first Album" LP

THE ENERGY- "The Energy's first Album" LP 
THE ENERGY from Houston Texas have one of the freshest punk sounds that I have heard in a really long while. This record has been on constant play for me in the past 4 months and I felt like I have to share it. They mix elements of KBD punk with old school hardcore ala 80's LA scene and also throw in a good measure of psyche to make things interesting. Don't let that description fool you though this is dark stuff as well. The vocals are sung like a storyline and are some of the catchiest I've heard in a long time. I give this record a 10 or 10 rating for the fact that it is flawlessly executed and sounds nothing like any other bands playing these days. If more bands would show this kind of  originality and inventiveness the punk scene would be a whole lot better. Supposedly this record is limited to 300 copies, I didn't have much trouble finding it but I think in the coming months it will be increasingly harder to find.

Download here

Monday, May 23, 2011

RED DONS-"A Forced Turning Point" EP


 2 new songs recorded on the last US tour in Chicago.  First songs with me on guitar. Stoked to be apart of this band now! Housed in a beautiful screenprinted sleeve, finally available! 1000 copies pressed on black wax. 200 have blank hand stamped and handnumbered center labels and slightly different sleeves available from the band and the TBSR mailorder only. 

US PRESS:  New Dark Age
EURO PRESS: Taken By Surprise

Download here

Friday, March 25, 2011


4/4- M- Hamburg @ Hafenklang
7/4 – Th- Bremen @ Spedition
8/4 – F – The Revisions @ Green Hell Records
8/4 – F – Münster @ Gleis 22
9/4 – Sa – Hannover @ UJZ Korn
10/4 – Sun – The Revisions @ Static Shock Records
10/4 – Sun – Berlin @ Kopi
11/4 – M – Leipzig @ Zoro (w/ The Revisions)
12/4 – Tu – Prague @ 007
13/4 – W – Vienna @ Arena/3 Raum
14/4 – Th – Budapest @ Trafik Klub (w/ The Revisions)
15/4 – F – Brno @ Melodka (w/ The Revisions)
16/4 – Sa – Revisions on Szene M on m94.5 Radio 3pm
16/4 – Sa – Munich @ Kafe Kult
18/4 – M – Erlangen @ Jugendhaus Erlangen
19/4 – Tu – Tübingen @ Epplehaus
20/4 – W – Brussels @ DNA
21/4 – Th – St. Etienne @ Assammoir
22/4 – F – Barcelona @ La Fabriketa
23/4 – Sa – Madrid @ Wurlitzer Ball Room
24/4 – Su – Valencia @ La Residencia
25/4 – M – Zaragoza @ Alberque Juvenil
26/4 – Tu – San Sebastian @ Mogambo
27/4 – W – Bordeux @ Saint Ex
28/4 – Th – Paris @ Belushi’s
29/4 – F – London @ Garage
30/4 – Sa – London @ Lexington
1/5 – Su – Brighton @ The Hydrant
2/5 – M – Nijmengen @ Onderbroke
3/5 – Tu – Groningen @ Crowbar
4/5 – W – Aalborg @ 1000 Fryd
5/5 – Th – Oslo @ Blitz
6/5 – F – Gothenburg
7/5 – Sa – Stockholm @ Grundbulden
12/5 – Th – Copenhagen @ Bakken
13/5 – F – Malmö @ Punks Only
14/5 – Sa – Hamburg @ Storte
15/5 – Su – Hamburg @ MS Hedi

Saturday, February 12, 2011

HARDA TIDER-"Gatan Kaller" LP

HARDA TIDER-"Gatan Kaller" LP
This is the best hardcore record I have heard in years. I'm not talking about 80's hardcore either, this is tough as nails hardcore with youth crew breakdowns and mosh parts. The thing that sets this record apart from a lot of the jocular HC bands is the fact that this music is played by punks and you can hear a distinct swedish kang influence here. I have to say Harda Tider (Hard Times) are one of the best live bands I've seen in quite some time as well.That  puts their guitarist in three of my favorite bands going currently (Skitkids, Heratys, Harda Tider).

download here

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Guest Column in MRR # 332

(This is the header I wanted them to use. I guess they have a generic header for all guests though.)

I agree with Marissa Magic's guest column last month. Punk is no longer a threat to mainstream society. Hell, it may have never been a relevant political statement? We could debate whether rock music has ever been a valid political forum. It seems to me that punk no longer embodies its original spirit which I think first and foremost was angst and rebellion against the unjust world. Corporate interests have subverted every subculture this world has produced that I am aware of by now anyhow. Naomi Klein wrote a book some ten odd years ago about this phenomenon called "No Logo" which I'm sure most of you are aware of at this point. I think we can learn a great deal from her research and insight about the implications in the branding of culture. Many of us have conformed to the mainstream society, ironically giving in, knowingly using the system because we are a scene of first world privilege. For others it has been a gradual backslide, little by little we settle into a more comfortable lifestyle of conformity. Whenever I feel like I'm starting to slip I try asking myself a series of questions that will help me to regain my direction.

Where has the post modernist punk ideal of fatalism and futilism left our current scene? When I think about the state of the current punk scene I see a hollow facade of what was once idealism and radical thought. It feels like there is a rule book which everyone has read and no one has a actual honest opinion of their own. What can we do to create something more authentic but still with the original spirit of counter culture? What can I do in my life to change what I see as a hollow existence of consumerism and self deprecation? 

The way I see it punk rock has become just another consumerist culture of "cool". Whether we are talking about who is mimicking the best retro punk/hardcore/garage band of 25 years ago, to who is looking fashionable in their studs, spikes, and all black leather clad road warrior garb. Of course I'm not leaving out those trendy hipster post punk uniformists. Where is the non conformist lifestyle, the direct opposition to societies dictates? Why have we not protected our scene from the possibilities of selling out? It seems that the artistic nature of our culture has been strip mined for every other subculture the world over. Taking all the danger out of being a punk.

There is a new trend every other day and it can be adopted instantaneously. Gone are the times when kids would sew, paint, and piece together their own unique outfit. Lets face it in the 2000's time is racing ahead of what a normal teenager 20 years ago could possibly imagine. Who has time to be an individual when we can all order our punk gear from Hot Topic? It comes down to the fact that this instant gratification is hollow. I can read an article on my iphone at lunch about an obscure artist and by 5pm 2 million other people have read the same thing. There is nothing obscure anymore that one would actually have to dig to find it seems. Without struggle there is emptiness. There is nothing to talk about anymore, and the lack of dialog has become a huge brain drain on our scene. 

Can you remember the last time a punk that was in a popular band talked to you about foreign policies? When was the last time a popular band wrote something that was halfway politically aware and current? Has a popular punk ever even talked with you? Oh shit, no, you're not cool enough. That band shirt your wearing is so 3 years ago. I miss critical thinkers like Sam Mcpheeters, or even more current interesting figures like Damian Abraham aka Pink Eyes. Where have they gone? To write for Vice Magazine, or record records for Vice/Matador Records. Why you ask? Maybe because the creative freedom of the original movement has been stifled. Maybe the people who are left just want to be spoon fed retro garbage for the rest of their lives? I know I don't. I want to open my mind to new sounds and new thoughts. 

Sometimes I feel punk has lost its soul. It has become an easy way to access the mainstream and build street cred from a smaller scene. It has for some time been a sort of alternate microcosm, where all the stupid stereotypes, cliches, and clicks of high school still exist. And I dare say MRR is not above it all in many cases. 

So, this is what I ask myself now. Do I want to be a part of a scene which by in large mirrors the exact society system which I hate? Do I want to change the scene I love and have given the larger portion of my life in involvement to? I've come to the conclusion long ago that I would rather change it than abandon it to hipster elites who never really cared about it in the first place. So what are the solutions to the problems we face? I no longer want to talk about the problems. I want to talk about something which hasn't been discussed enough in our scene. Solutions. 

My next guest column will hopefully be about positive change. You can contact me with ideas/hatemail at: nooptionsrecords@gmail.com

Playlist: Heratys-Helvettiin Ja Takaisin-EP , Doom Town-Demo-Cassette, Neva-Fausse Conscience-LP, The Estranged-Subliminal Man LP, Complications s/t LP