Friday, May 18, 2012

The War Goes On-"This Shitty Life" EP

This record has taken quite awhile to see the light of day, but as always, it was worth the wait. For those of you who know the demo this will be no big surprise but there are a few things changed here. First off we have an additional guitar track added, it has been re-mixed by Lasse Ballade at Planet-X, and has been properly mastered for vinyl by Hajji Husayn. The three songs on this are seething with depression and rage which comes off great with the raw delivery of the band. The closest thing I can compare TWGO to is Ronni's last band No Hope for the Kids but less melodic, and without every song being about war, . There is a distinct introspective element to the lyrics for sure. Another great band from K-town with members of all the bands you already like. This record was also done with limited hand-made covers. Thanks to the band for playing a great record release show here in Hamburg!

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