Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Thurs - September 1st - Bordeaux
Fri - September 2nd - Paris - ????
Sat - September 3rd - Nancy
Sun - September 4th - Mannheim 
Mon - September 5th - mülheim - ????
Tues - September 6th - Munster 
Wed - September 7th - Flensburg
Thurs -September 8th - copenhagen
Fri - September 9th - Malmo -????
Sat - September 10th - Hamburg
Sun - September 11th - Berlin
Mon - September 12th - Leipzig
Tues - September 13th - Munich
Wed - September 14th - Freiburg -????
Thurs - September 15th - St. Etienne
Fri - September 16th - Barcelona

These are the dates for the LOS MONJO tour. The dates with question marks are still open so if you or anyone you know in these areas would like to book them (doesn't have to be exact city listed) please contact LOS MONJO are a great band rom Guadalajara Mexico. I released an EP for them some years back and they remain one of my favorite current bands live and recorded.

LOS MONJO-"Cobardes" EP (No Options Records)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

PELIGRO!-"s/t" LP (Discos Enfermos Records)

This is a new band from members of HORROR, LOS DOLARES, ETACARINAE, PRIMATES, but brings a fresh sound not heard from any of their previous bands. The music is a heavy dose of BLACK SABBATH mixed with MOTORHEAD, and ANNIHILATION TIME comes to mind as well, but the real treat is that they keep it hardcore with the drive that many heavier bands can't keep up. I really liked these guys live and this record is testament to their skills. I first heard this 5% faster than the LP was recorded at, and I must say I really liked that speed too.

the record w/ art & insert