Sunday, December 29, 2019

Top 10 of 2019

Great year for international punk/HC
Hope I didn't overlook or forget anything that is super crucial but tips welcome.
Top 10- LP/12" releases of 2019

Larma “s/t” LP

Axe Rash “s/t” LP

Mutilated Tongue “Fuel the Flame” LP

Khiis “Bezoar” LP

Planet Y “Kniven for Struben LP

Skitklass Primitiv Känsla” LP

Out Cold “Living is Killing Me” LP

Asid “Pathetic Flesh” LP

Deletär “s/t' LP

Shit Coffins “Termination” LP

Top 10 EP releases of 2019
Radioactivity “Erased” EP

Yleiset Syyt “S/t” EP

Loose Nukes “Behind the Screen” EP

Electric Chair “Performative Justice” EP

Heavy Discipline “ s/t” EP

Spectres “Provincial Wake” EP (Great record/bad front cover)

Chronic Abuse “Civil Society” EP

Bootlicker “Nuclear Family” EP

Vaaska “Inocentes Condenados” EP

Skitklass/Crimex “split” EP

Honorable Mentions:
PlasticHeads “Nowhere to Run” LP
Ultra Razzia “Transport au Cerveau” LP
Extended Hell “Mortal Wound” LP
Chubby and the Gang “All Along the Uxbridge Road” EP
Booji Boys “Tube Reducer” LP
Forseen “Infiltrator” EP
D7Y S/t” LP
Uranium Club “Two Things at Once” EP
Lux “New Day” EP
Generación Suicida “Reflejos” LP
Keiketsu “Scapegoat” LP
Rocky & the Sweden “City Baby Attacked by Buds” LP
Kohti Tuhoa “Ihmisen Kasvot” LP
Canaria “死灰復燃”LP
Wolfbrigade "The Enemy: Reality" LP
War Bison "Acre" LP

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